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Shipped by next business day. Enjoy Your Life! Live, Love and Play in alignment with yourself. Provided in sealed and protective mylar packet. Delivered in a plain envelope or bubble mailer. Color is white. Milligram scale is required. Sent with 10-15mg scoop. Expiration Date 4/18. I reserve the right to cancel orders from buyers with a feedback score of less than +5. Contact me if you have a score of less than this and we may be able to work it out. Precautions and Disclaimer: This Material is Sold For Laboratory and Research Use Only. Not for Diagnostic or Therapeutic, Drug, or Other Household Uses.

SR-9009 Powder Dosage:

The best dosage for you to take for SR-9009 is a range between 20mg and 30mg every single day. There is one drawback to this and this is all because you have a very short half-life. You have to have to space it out throughout the day if you want to get the best balance in the body. If you are not sure how to do this then you will need to take it every 2 or every 4 hours but this does depend on the dosage that you need.